Our SisCare package provides you with a comprehensive plan that incorporates all of the products and services necessary to provide the end-results and business value your company deserves, with a simple per device pricing structure that is clear and easy to understand.

Safeguard - Server Support

The foundation of our plan is a proven methodology that evaluates your technical operations and carries on with constant assessment and alignment with our proprietary standards and best practices.

We serve as your Virtual Chief Information Officer, or VCIO, collaborating with your executive leadership team on a quarterly basis to provide guidance and expertise in order to continuously improve your network. Information technology never rests. To keep pace with this reality, we are committed to constant and never-ending improvement in everything we do.

Our approach to your technical health can be likened to your personal health. Much as you would visit your doctor for an annual physical, and take steps throughout the year to measure and improve your overall well-being upon the advice and expertise of your physician, we quantify your technical health and take the necessary steps to improve it. We serve as your company’s technical healthcare team.

SisCare Benefits:

Peace of mind: Let us be your network guardian, enabling you to focus on your core business activities.

Stability: Through our proactive approach, we will reduce the number of service calls you make dramatically. We will reduce IT failure in general, and, if a system does go down, we will get you back up faster, reducing the costs of downtime.

Confidence: We will improve your business productivity by proactively detecting and resolving issues before they happen. Our scheduled preventative maintenance activities are designed to keep your network operating as efficiently as possible. Your employees will be well supported by highly skilled, personably engineers who will treat them with respect.

Security: By providing regular checkups, your antivirus and antimalware protections will be up to date, and other important elements of your network will be proactively guarded. We reduce the likelihood that your network will be compromised by a virus, worm, hacker or other malicious attack.

Trust: With SisCare, you will have access to a wealth of IT expertise, tools and experience. Our experienced, dedicated team uses industry-leading management tools to provide you with the highest level of service.

All our SisCare clients get:

• An assigned virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) engineer who learns your business systems and your company’s needs

• An assigned technical engineer who supports, documents, and evaluates your business technology

• An annual network evaluation with comprehensive documentation, recommendations and solutions, so you can plan your year

• Recurring proactive on-site technical reviews to align your technology with SisAdmin standards and best practices

• Annual technical budget creation and evaluation

 Scheduled, regular onsite visits with your engineer, providing:

> Recurring, proactive technical reviews
> Preventative maintenance
> Standards alignment and best practices implementation

 Monitoring, maintenance, security and technical support:

Consulting and planning assistance
Remote support from our Service Desk staff from 7am to 5pm on weekdays

 24/7 emergency response for your staff and in response to critical system monitoring

 Quarterly meetings with your assigned vCIO to keep you up to date on your network and plan for the future

 Critical monitoring for your network systems

Webroot antivirus, MalwareByest antimalware, and LogMeIn Pro on all your servers, desktops and laptops

 On-demand hardware and software inventory information

 Patch management for Microsoft and other supported vendors

Other options you can choose include:

• IT strategy and operations consulting services

• Business continuity and disaster recover solutions

• Infrastructure improvements and upgrade projects

• Planning and implementation for large projects

Spam-filtering, email archiving and encryption services

Regulatory compliance evaluation (HIPAA & PCI)

For more information, download our SisCare flyer.