SisCare Outsourced IT

All the managed IT and computer support you need in one plan – minus the drama that’s costing you time and money.

SisCare Standard Features

Technical Support Desk

Ticketing System and Customer Portal

Data Backup and Recovery

Reporting and Executive Summaries

Systems Inventory

Continuous Best Practices Alignment

Continuous Best Practices Assessment

TechTutor Education and Training

Emergency Support

Trend Analysis and Reporting

Best-In-Class Tools

Automated Monitoring and Alerting

On-Site Support

Automated Maintenance and Patching

Online Documentation Platform

Application and Licensing Documentation

Vendor Management

Recurring Technical Business Reviews

Procurement and Fulfillment

Cyber Security Best Practices and Alignment

Assigned Technical Strategist

Network and Systems Documentation

Assigned Technical Engineer

Security Awareness Training

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Avoid the ticket and fix-it culture. It’s costing you time & money.

IT service models built solely around a promise to resolve issues quickly are missing the point. We focus on creating systems that stabilize and optimize your organization. This eliminates problems before they occur, reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and makes you more money.

SisCare utilizes multiple experts focused on the right tasks, all following a systemized plan.

Meet Our Full-Stack Team

Technology Maintenance & Management Engineer

Automated patch management, monitoring, and systems optimization using leading-edge tools and systems.

On-Demand Technical Support Team

Remote technical support framework with on-site response when necessary. Problem isolation and resolution along with “How to…” questions.

Technical Strategy & Consulting Professional

Technical guidance and planning that’s aligned with your business objectives and budget.

Technical Assessment & Improvement Engineer

Continuous best practices assessment and improvement. Up-to-date documentation and processes.

Project Planning & Implementation Team

We work closely with you from the project scoping, designing, and planning process through project implementation and completion. We ensure all deliverables, documentation, and testing are 100% complete.

Procurement & Fulfillment Team

Fully-managed procurement and fulfillment through best-in-class vendor partnerships to streamline all business purchasing needs. Full-service PC fulfillment including setup and onsite delivery.

We are united by our company culture and dedicated to providing clients with world-class service.

The SisAdmin Certified Method

Over the past twenty years, we’ve fine-tuned our process to create a roadmap for your success.

Secure & Protect

Priority number one is to address security concerns to ensure your data is safe.

Standardize to Stabilize

We implement standard processes and procedures that stabilize your system.

Optimize for Productivity

The right tools and technology customized to your business creates a boost in productivity.

Strategic Management

At the C-Suite level, we help you use technology as an advantage for your business.

Get the Excellent Service You Deserve
From IT Experts Who Care

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