Award-winning IT management

We build and manage IT platforms that meet the demands of the 21st-century business — every day and without interruption — serving King and Snohomish counties for the past 20 years.

Our Team

Loyal to each other and our clients alike, our team creates an atmosphere of accountability and support that is reflected in our customer care. Always eager to improve, we set new bars and achieve new heights together every day – for our clients and community.

Mary Burris


I lead my people to being the best they can be.

Craig Cameron


I am entrusted by our CEO to lead a world-class team that is committed to achieving greatness by executing the vision, mission, and purpose of SisAdmin.

Ike Britt

PC Fulfillment Technician

I proactively engage in helping the efficiency and productivity of our clients by ensuring that they are satisfied and deploying the proper equipment, thus amplifying their business.

David Brown

Service Desk Engineer

I respond with empathy to technical disruptions as they arise, providing inventive solutions that minimize downtime and technology-induced stress.

Rick Burris


I provide timely and accurate financial information to both Internal and External clients and vendors with the goal of improving the financial standing for all.

Elisabeth Clark

Virtual Chief Information Officer

I build and nurture relationships with clients as we embark upon a journey of technical innovation to achieve their business goals.

Josh Cleveland

Honorary Engineer

Forever in our hearts. The embodiment of kindness, generosity, caring, positivity, patience, intelligence and work ethic. R.I.P. 1998 ~ 2022

Oscar Cuellar

Service Desk Engineer

I ensure a seamless transition from dated equipment to new equipment along with the proper and safe disposal of retired equipment in accordance with strict security practices.

Matt Dean

Service Desk Engineer

I strive to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of software and hardware issues in order to consistently offer solutions when problems arise.

Shay Gooding

Service Desk Engineer

I address immediate disruptions in technology and the concerns associated with those disruptions, managing the affected parties’ expectations throughout the process.

Connor Huotari

Senior Service Desk Engineer

I take an intuitive and considerate approach to solve business technology problems and keep operations going smoothly.

Kerri Livengood

Project Coordinator

I collaborate with our project engineers to help with scheduling, organizing, and implementing quality projects while keeping our clients engaged and up to date.

Chris Maier

Design Desk

I work with your vCIO and your engineers to create proposals for systems and products that meet your business needs, including increasing productivity, security and flexibility.

Robert Rash

Technical Services Manager

I empower staff with tools and software to complete tasks more efficiently and work to remove barriers that hinder business operations.

Andrew Rutherford

Centralized Services Engineer

I assess client infrastructure and proactively align it with standards designed to reduce risks and prevent service interruption.

Crystal Vezzetti

Professional Services Engineer

I proactively identify risks within technical systems, so that I can develop and implement solutions before issues arise.

Darrell Westerinen

Professional Services Engineer

I transition clients to new technology with careful planning and implementation that minimizes interruptions to business operations.

Phillip Yun

Technical Alignment Engineer

I advocate for clients by spotting and implementing improvements to increase security, stability, and efficiency.

Our Promise

Excellent Service From IT Experts Who Care

SisAdmin is dedicated to ‘client-first’ practices that meet our customers’ best interests without compromise. Our strategic and preemptive approach to IT management helps keep network systems optimal, secures data systems, and prevents infrastructure disasters.

Choose Us For Our Methods

Our commitment to high-quality technical expertise and service routinely achieves business objectives. We do that by providing strategic direction to evolve your technology management through an intentional, thoughtful process. We remove the reactivity with a superior meeting rhythm and management structure. You’ll come to rely on the sound practices that we have developed over the last 20 years.

Keep Us For Our Culture

Our culture of excellence is built upon a foundation of “client-first” practices. We confidently meet, and consistently exceed, customers’ expectations because we do what’s right, not what’s easy. We are not satisfied with good enough (and neither are our ideal clients), so we strive to be the best option available for them. The spirit of excellence permeates all that we do – once we step in, you’ll appreciate that difference.

Our Values


Educate and empower customers. The only way to realize the value of one’s wisdom is to share it with others.


Continuously improve performance. Performance improvements require regular analysis and developments in knowledge.


Do what’s right, not what’s easy. Integrity comes in two forms; strength of assembly and strength of character.


Think like the business owner. Taking ownership is the first step to accelerating results and showing our customers that we care as much as they do.

Why choose an elephant mascot?

Our commitment to stability, reliability, and security makes these gentle giants a perfect match to convey the value we deliver. Elephants have a cooperative and collaborative culture. If you are part of their herd you will be well taken care of.


As we grow and learn more about the needs of our community each year, we recommit ourselves to being the best option that they can buy. The elephant symbolizes and demonstrates our dedication to ongoing improvement standards as a measure of long-term security.

Our Opportunities

No opportunities are available at this time.

Join Our Team

SisAdmin offers competitive salaries and a benefit package that includes the following for full-time employees:


Paid Time Off

Paid Sick

Eight Paid Holidays

Company-paid Health, Dental, and Life Insurance

Profit Sharing

Simple IRA 2% Company Contribution

Reimbursement of approved certifications and training


SisAdmin is an Equal Opportunity Employer