Eliminate IT Management Drama

SisAdmin is the Outsourced IT Management choice for businesses with 25+ employees running on the Microsoft Business Stack in King and Snohomish Counties.

IT Management Drama:

You’ve outgrown the DIY approach to IT.

Dr. George is the decision-maker for everything at her practice. The Wi-Fi is down again, so the hygienists can’t pull up client records. Now she has to pause a root canal procedure while she reboots the system.

We put our full-stack team and the power of our collective expertise to work for you.

Benefits of SisAdmin Outsourced IT:

One simple IT solution to stabilize your business technology.

Full-stack team of IT specialists covering security, reliability, and efficiency.

Fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service desk available 24/7/365.

No binding contracts or holding your data hostage. We treat you fairly.

IT Management Drama:

Your IT solution is a hot mess, and the team can’t get their projects done.

Julie’s late to the meeting because she can’t find the link. Daryl’s on time, but he doesn’t have any of the files. Geoff can’t run the meeting because his laptop crashed. Now, Mary has to reschedule the big client proposal that took months to secure.

We stabilize and optimize your IT, increasing team productivity and employee happiness.

Benefits of SisAdmin Outsourced IT:

We implement hundreds of standard protocols tuned to your business needs.

Real-time monitoring and automation tools to remove potential issues and eliminate downtime.

Easy access to the tools and resources your team needs for optimal productivity.

Certified expert IT team keeps you up-to-date, and compliant.

IT Management Drama:

The FBI called, your company’s sensitive data is for sale on the dark web.

John, a senior project manager, got phished by a hacker through email. The hacker gained access to his client data and put it up for sale to the highest bidder on the dark web. Now, the CEO has to notify clients of the security breach.  John is mortified.

We transform your IT from a security liability to an operational asset.

Benefits of SisAdmin Outsourced IT:

Our certified method secures your network from threats, protects, and educates your team.

Continuous audits and alignment reduces the need for ticket requests and increases your profits.

Our team aligns your technology to your business goals. Plus, they’re nice humans.

C-Suite level management, education, and strategic initiatives for continuous improvement.

Not all outsourced IT options are equal.

Most IT service providers make big promises but fall short on both features and service delivery. We are committed to keeping things simple, providing all the features you need, and delivering world-class customer service.

Our specialized IT Management team won’t cut corners or scrimp on service.

Benefits of SisAdmin Outsourced IT:

Realistic promises backed by 20 years of experience providing excellent service.

Continuous real-time alignment preventing issues before they trip alerts.

One simple plan with a fixed monthly fee that covers all your needs.

Certified expert team implementing protocols that prevent downtime.

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Customer Testimonials

“Your team has been doing an outstanding job; as usual. Special shoutouts to the Service Desk Engineers who have been diligent in following up with me on issues that have come up. Also, your Technical Concierge is a great point of contact person efficient, friendly, and great at her job. I always know I’m in good hands when she takes my call. I appreciate the support very much, especially at the very stressful time.”


Michele J., business manager at an architectural firm in Kirkland, WA.

“SisAdmin has been a great addition to our company team! They provide great support and creative solutions to enhance our business needs. Their vCIO is really an extension of our management team and offers creative solutions and options to issues and is always looking out for our best interest. It’s been about 18 months since our transition to SisAdmin and we couldn’t be happier!”


Tracey G., CFO for a non-profit senior care facility in Seattle, WA

“Working with SisAdmin is a pleasure, and I appreciate how seamless and flawless projects are completed. SisAdmin far exceeds in quality and customer support service over my last firm.”


Rand M., purchasing manager at an industrial supplier in Seattle, WA

“SisAdmin continually helps our business become more efficient and profitable. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and make us feel well taken care of and supported.”


Tony M., controller at a construction company in Seattle, WA.

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