One Plan : One Standard For Outsourced IT

Help Me Choose - Outsourced IT - man with question mark graphicThe choice is simple when choosing outsourced IT !

Our SisCare plan incorporates all of the products and services necessary to provide the end-results and business value your company deserves with an outsourced IT provider.  The plan is based on a simple per device pricing structure that is clear and easy to understand.

Over the course of 17 years in business we’ve learned that there are essential elements that every business must leverage to support day-to-day operations, fully align IT with business strategy, and drive business value creation.  We have included these elements, and more, in our SisCare  outsourced IT plan.

 Time & Materials:

We realize that a fully managed plan doesn’t fit everyone’s needs.  For this reason, we also offer the flexibility of Time and Materials support.  T&M provides you with the flexibility to utilize SisAdmin’s expert computer support for a variety of outsourced IT needs such as projects, technical assessments, technical and supplemental support, consulting and planning, and monitoring.

 Additional Solutions:

     > Back-up solutions, including local, cloud-based, or a combination

     Business data continuity systems, for companies that can’t tolerate downtime

     Secure, managed cloud data storage

     Spam protection and email archiving

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