Would you lock up your phone to attend a concert?

Have you attended a concert or an event and been surrounded by people who are more interested in their phones? Perhaps you’ve been one of those people. Even worse, have you been phone-shamed for being too engrossed in your phone? You’re not alone, and a company called Yondr is doing something about it.

Many artists don’t like the distractions of phones in their audiences. After all, you paid them good money to perform and entertain you. Artists want you to put away your phone and be present in the moment. More and more artists are enlisting the services of Yondr to provide phone-locking pouches to artists and venues. Beyond concerts and entertainment, there are many other uses such as schools and libraries.

How does it work? When you arrive at an event, you are provided a pouch to place your phone into and it locks when it’s closed. When exiting the venue or phone-free space, there are unlocking devices provided to unlock the pouch. Your phone stays with you the entire time.

How do you feel about this? Would you attend a phone-free concert or are you so attached to your phone that you’d never consider it?