The New Email Phishing Scam You Should Watch Out For

We all know that scams can happen through email, and every day one gets sent to an inbox but every day it also catches someone off guard. The recent scams that have been sent out are particularly tricky!

Cyber criminals aren’t making spelling mistakes anymore. Most are found out by their unfamiliar email addresses or their shady attachments. But recently a phishing email has gone out that looks more sophisticated. An email impersonating a trusted brand is sent to your inbox, and in this email is a fake image that looks like a widely used e-signature platform. Attached to this email is a blank image that’s full of empty svg files (and inside that is an HTML file attachment). I know it’s getting too technical, but stay with us!

Basically, it’s a very tricky way of sneaking past your anti-virus and email security.

How? The code in this “missing image” sends people to a malicious URL, and from there your computer could be filled with malware! This has risks to your company assets and network, especially if it’s done on a company device.

You may be thinking, “But I am a mid/small sized business, and no one cares about small fry like me”. What if I told you that this particular wave of phishing scams is specifically targeting businesses like yours? Who think they’re too small, immune, and aren’t taking security seriously. Companies of all sizes need to stay vigilant when it comes to the safety of their business.

So what can you do? First, if you are using software to sign documents, or you have a vendor/client that uses one, be on your guard. Double check that the email is genuine, or go the extra mile and call the person that sent you the email to make sure it came from them.

Next, you can block emails with this specific attachment type from arriving in your inbox in the first place. This eliminates the temptation all together is you or your employees don’t see it.


Tomorrow may be too late to put up these security measures, so take some time today to talk to your IT partner on how to keep your business safe.

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