Stressful Times and How You Can Manage It

Though we are in a new year, 2021 didn’t take away the stress of work. We feel it as well, so we wanted to provide you with 4 steps that we use to help unwind, prepare, and build confidence in our work day!

1. Exercise – Stand up from your desk! Staying in the same chair all day isn’t just bad for your body but also for your mind. Change your scenery; go check the mail; take a breath of fresh air. And when you clock off, try getting in a good stretch of activity!

2. Sleep – Make sure to get enough sleep the night before, but if not don’t just go for the coffee! Take a 5 minute break to rest; lay flat on your back or turn your desk chair away from you monitors and take a minute to relax.

3. Plan – Having too many things piled up on top of each other can make you frantic. Try using tools like Microsoft To Do to write out, see, and organize your tasks.

4. Set Priorities – With these tasks on a list and no longer in your brain, you can focus on completing them instead of remembering to do them! Take the time to prioritize these tasks by urgency. Once that’s done, you now have a manageable list to take on your day!