Phishing Scammers Are Exploiting AI Chat

AI is on the forefront of many people’s minds in modern day. It is taking over our culture by storm spanning from AI art to ChatGPT. All the while we are trying to gauge how companies can utilize AI for automation and streamlining daily activities – and employees are eager to find out just how much of their job an AI can do.

However, while the general populace is having fun testing the limits of AI for fun, cyber criminals are looking through the cracks and in the shadows on how AI can help them with their nefarious deeds. The biggest thing that stands out is AI can help make phishing scams harder for safeguards to detect, and that makes them more likely to penetrate your business.

The advice of being wary of your email inbox still stands, and it one of the most useful and effective ways of protecting your business. Read them thoroughly, confirm the address it is being sent by, and always double check the contents of the email.

That said, these AI generated phishing emails are making is harder to detect if they are sent from a reliable source. AI are more careful to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes, and can analyze countless emails against itself to make the perfect email to trick you into falling prey. Not to mention they can also create whole email chains to make the lure more believable.

While this threat is incoming, security tools and companies are in the midst of creating safeguards against the AI generated emails, but there is still much to develop. Security tools to detect messages written by AI are in development, but they’re still a way off.

With all this said, it’s important now more than ever to do a safety check on emails that come through your inbox. Those emails that ask you to do something drastic or enter your credentials should require extra attention! Keep your staff informed and make sure your systems are up to date on the latest in cyber security tools.

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