Talk Tech With Our IT Jargon Buster Guide

Are you struggling to understand the conversations you’re having with your IT staff or vendor? The way they talk can be confusing, especially for those who don’t know the inside lingo. At SisAdmin try to steer clear of this jargon, as we know it can be irritating having a conversation with the “know-it-all” IT Expert. That said, there are some words that we can’t avoid when talking tech, like FireWall or Encryption. So we put together this Guide for you to reference, if needed, so you can equip yourself with some of the tech terms you hear often!

This guide is a great A-Z guide for terms you might hear when you’re talking with an IT expert so that you’re no longer left out of the loop. It’s free to download as well! And if you want an IT partner to talk to, we’re always here with an open ear.