Have You Checked Up On Your Company’s Health?

With the new year comes resolutions, and for many of us that is the guilty resolution to get fit. But we are 3 weeks in … and how is that going for us? We all take health seriously, but when it comes to the day to day it just isn’t on our radar. What keeps us in line is those annual or quarterly check-ups at your local doctor, or the tooth cleaning at the dentist when you finally remember you need to floss.

We want to be healthy, and we schedule these checks to keep ourselves accountable.

The same can be said for your company’s technology. You run off of computers and servers (or the cloud) and yet business owners neglect to make sure it’s healthy.

You may have noticed hiccups in your day-to-day processes because of slow internet or a file that just won’t open the same way twice. These could be caused by your unhealthy IT infrastructure.

Take the time to setup checks throughout the year to make sure your business technology is healthy. Even the small things can make a dramatic difference to your business efficiency. A simple software update will speed things up dramatically – which means less waisted time!

That said, these tech check ups can also reveal major issues that need to be resolved. Things like security threats or dangerous outdated tech. It’s better to know about these landmines before they become serious problems to that you can plan accordingly and budget.

Talk to your IT partners to put together a plan for the year, and make sure that you touch each part of your technology.

What happens when you discover something that is beyond your skills set to resolve, or what if you don’t have a person to help you with your technology? Reach out to us! Our experts do routine IT health checks for all kinds of businesses, and we’ll give you honest, tech jargon-free advice on the best solutions.

To book your check-up, get in touch.