Authenticator Lite Will Make MFA Easy!

Did you know that Microsoft is planning on streamlining the MFA experience for Outlook users? This means that those extra seconds that you use checking your phone for a text code will be eliminated when logging into Outlook in the near future. This change is expected for users subscribed to the Business Premium licensing in an effort to save businesses time while still promoting security.


This new feature will be called Authenticator Lite. The MFA method in place currently requires a third party app in order for codes to be sent, but Lite expected to run independently, which means it will save you and your business time.


But why are we so excited about this? Because it means that more businesses will be encouraged to implement MFA! Multi Factor Authentication is an invaluable tool that the modern workplace should have set up for all employees. The single passcode has proven to prevent hackers from compromising accounts, even when they have the main password. The code sent to your authentication app of choice keeps these bad actors at bay when you may let your guard down.


At the moment, MFA can be set up by several methods. The most common is text codes, along with authenticator apps, biometric logins (much like your iPhone), and some may even use a USB key for authenticate. These methods can be convenient, but the prospect of having dual authentication in one tool is undoubtedly appealing.


Microsoft has not released a date for when Authenticator Lite will be available, but when the news it out we will let you know! In the meantime, if you don’t have MFA implemented for your business … DON’T WAIT! Get in touch with us to figure out why we are passionate about it, and figure out how you can get setup.