Are video calls costing your business time and money?

We’re no strangers to video calls, but the complications of getting setup, connected, in frame, and with audio has been causing companies up to a work week amount of wasted time.

Granted, the time it takes for people to get together in person also has it’s fair share of wasted time, but who knew something as convenient as video calls could also eat up so much time.

But where did 1 work week of wasted time come from? Surely it doesn’t take each employee a whole week for them to get setup. Would you believe it if I said that staff can take an average of 10 minutes to get setup for each remote meeting? That not only includes them getting the camera setup, but also the time it takes for your screen to share correctly, people unmuting and muting each other, and figuring out whether everyone should have their cameras on or not.

Employees don’t think it’s their fault though, and we don’t either! It’s not up to technical know-how, but up to the technology itself. If a computer had more RAM, your video would run smoother. If your microphone wasn’t from that pair of headphones you used to wear 10 years ago, people would be able to hear you.

Nearly 1/3 of people say that they don’t have the right tools for video calling, and 23% percent say that they don’t feel included in remote meetings because of their low quality technology.

Think about it! Have you thought to upgrade your remote employees equipment so that you can meet with them easier? Probably not.

It’s time to reevaluate your company’s audio visual technology and software. Ask your employees what they need, what they would prefer to meet on, and see about getting them those tools so you can easily collaborate with them!

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