3 Steps Windows Users Should Take to Prevent Cyber-Attacks

95% of malware attacks from 2021 have been specifically targeted at people Microsoft Windows. Why? Microsoft Windows dominates the workplace because it is used by most businesses for their work computers. The Windows operating system is trusted by the majority of IT providers because it is the most secure, inclusive, and robust for business environments. But because of its popularity, cyber criminals are targeting it now more than ever.

Countless attempts at hacking your business information to either exploit or hold it for ransom happen every day, and the safeguards that Microsoft puts up against these criminals can all be worthless if businesses don’t take these 3 steps:

1. Keep up on the latest updates

Hardware and software companies put out regular updates when they discover new threats against their products. Updating your computer to the latest version or getting the latest patch to your software is essential in keeping your assets up to date against cyber-attacks.

2. Train and educate your staff

Your employees should have regular cyber security training and be educated on the latest threats out. The weakest link in your business could be your people if they are oblivious to the threats.

3. Create a response plan

It is impossible to prevent 100% of threats out there. Even the most robust companies still find themselves victim to cyber-attacks. But what can make the difference between keeping your business and losing it is making a response plan. Knowing exactly what needs to be done in an emergency situation will lessen the impact an attack has on your business dramatically.


Talk with your IT Service Provider on these three items. Make sure your hardware is up to date, train your staff, and create a response plan with your IT team. This is something that SisAdmin does every day with our clients to make sure they are strong against cyber threats.


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