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MozyPro Exchange Restore

How to restore an Exchange database from MozyPro online backup.

  1. The first challenge is to make sure MozyPro had enough free space to work with on the server. It first has to download a full copy of the Exchange database and save it to its temp folder. The temp folder by default is the temp folder on C:\ Drive. The only way to change this in Mozy is via a registry edit.
  2. To play it safe, temporarily suspend all Mozy backups for 1 day.
  3. Once the temp Mozy folder is pointing to D Drive, start a “VSS Restore”.
  4. It only gave me one option: The latest VSS restore point. Fortunately this was the restore point I needed. It seems like Mozy would allow you to choose older restore points but I just saw the one option..
  5. I dismounted the databases per Mozy and then started the restore. The restore is broken down into 2 parts:
    1. Part 1: Download the entire database from Mozy to the local Mozy temp folder. This takes the longest. Fortunately in this case the Exchange database was small.
    2. Part 2: Restore the database.
  6. The restore went well at first and I was able to mount the databases in Exchange with no errors.
  7. To retrieve the last day of emails that was missing in the restored database, I used Mimecast Archive search. I searched for emails in the last day sent to each internal email address. For each search I then used the “forward messages” option to send the emails to the original email address.  I referenced Mimecast’s list of “Internal Directory” email addresses to make sure I didn’t miss any.
  8. Then the fun started.. An hour later a user reported he got disconnected from email on his phone. Then OWA stopped loading. I restarted Exchange services and this didn’t help. I dismounted the Exchange databases and then they wouldn’t re-mount. It gave me an error saying transaction logs were missing.
    1. After troubleshooting with eseutil, I found that there were only two logs that it needed. The Exchange logs folder was polluted with old pre-restore log files. These extra logs were causing a problem. I moved the extra logs to a subfolder, along with the checkpoint file. So all that was left in the logs folder was the base log and the two logs that eseutil indicated were required. The Exchange database mounted fine after that and everything has been running fine since.

Here’s the Mozy article I followed on doing the Exchange restore:


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