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FIOS Actiontec Router Bridge Mode

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Use the following procedure to configure Frontier FIOS Actiontec router bridge mode in order to use a customer’s router/firewall with a static IP address. Frontier support states that they “don’t support bridge mode” on their routers.

Configure MI424WR as a Bridge

NOTE: Please follow the steps below to configure a MI424WR as a LAN MoCA Bridge, so it can be used as a LAN ECB (Ethernet-Coax Bridge or NIM). This will allow the customer to use routers other than the MI424WR with their Verizon FiOS Service (i.e. with a Coax ONT).

  1. Set PC to a static IP address within the MI424WRs subnet (i.e.
  2. Login into the MI424WRs web interface, click on My Network > Network Connections > Network (Home/Office) > Settings
  3. On the Configure Network (Home/Office) page, in the Bridge section, uncheck the check box before “Wireless Access Point”, change the LAN IP address from to another IP address within the same subnet (i.e., and select “Disable” on the line for “IP Address Distribution” (to disable the DHCP server), and click Apply.
  4. Login back into the MI424WRs web interface using the new IP address (i.e., click on My Network > Network Connections > Broadband Connection (Coax), click “Disable”. To disable the WAN Coax interface the MI424WR will reboot. (After the rebooting, the (LAN) Coax port and the (LAN) 4 port switch will be bridged.)

NOTE: If you wish to use a PC to test the LAN MoCA Bridge, you need to change the static IP address assigned to the PC’s network adapter back to “Obtain automatically…” for both the IP Address and the DNS Server Address.

NOTE2: You will probably need to plug the WAN cable into the Ethernet switch portion of the Frontier modem/router. Step 4 disables the WAN interface so the internet obviously won’t work if the internet uplink cable is plugged in there.

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